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    Thank you for your interest, and for wanting to learn a little more about Jesus.

    You may well be wondering who this Jesus is that so many people talk about.  Few people would dispute that a man named Jesus lived around 2000 years ago, and that he made an incredible impact upon this world, an impact which is still being felt today.

    He made a claim that is breathtaking in its audacity – that He was the very Son of God.

    No other person throughout the whole of history has attracted such a mixture of praise and adoration, but also so much criticism and opposition.

    Today, more than 2000 years after He walked on this earth, there is never a single moment in which less than several million people are reading what He said and applying the significance of His words and His actions to their lives.

    I would like to invite you to look further into what Jesus says, and what He claims to be.

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